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The My Locker Program is our way of supporting local crafters by providing them a space to display and promote their products or services in our HouseMart Ben Franklin Craft Stores. The locker unit does not have to be for physical items only. Services can be advertised in the lockers too. Some examples are a Party Planner, Balloon Maker, etc. The lockers are secured and only opened if a customer wants to purchase an item or if a vendor wants access. The goal of this program is to support our local crafters and small businesses succeed.

The My Locker Combination:

  1. Pick a store(s)
  2. Pick a rental space ($30, $40, $50)
  3. Fill out paper work
  4. Decorate locker space & price your items
  5. Promote your locker space
  6. See your business succeed.

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If you would like more information on the My Locker Program feel free to contact any of our stores or submit a special request form:

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