United Way

Our company’s foundation lies with its local communities. It is the local community that we serve and strive to provide creative solutions to enhance their lifestyles. If it wasn’t for the local communities in Maui that supported the K. Kamitaki Store and then eventually our first Ben Franklin Crafts Store in 1951, we wouldn’t be the multi-state operation we are today. It’s important to us to take care of the community that has consistently been there for us for over 60 years. That’s why we have a continuing partnership with the United Way.

Our company has raised funds for the various United Way organizations our stores and communities reside in. In 2009, we started creating a cookbook to sell in our stores. 100% of the sales were donated to each respective United Way branch.  Since then, we have continued the tradition of actively giving through companywide projects and fundraisers.

Nationally, the United Way has helped so many families and communities through organizing volunteerism and support for non-profit organizations and we can see and feel their influence locally. The various United Way fundraisers support and build stronger and healthier communities, making positive differences in people’s lives. The United Way treats people the way that we would want to be treated, the genuine compassion and care for their well-being. It is this value that our company strongly believes in and hopes that our own united efforts can help make a positive impact for the people that have supported us throughout the years, our local communities.

United Way

2810 Paa St. Building A, Honolulu, HI, 96819