Japan Tsunami Relief

HouseMart serves its communities in any way it can, locally and globally.  After the devastating earthquakes and resulting tsunamis ravaged coastal cities of Japan, our company has sent people with big hearts to help aid the areas hit the hardest by the natural disasters . Here you can find the journals and pictures created by our selfless employees documenting their trip.

2011 Japan Relief Trip

A series of earthquakes and tsunamis left portions of Japan in disrepair.  Wanting to find a way to directly help those in need, Paul M. and Milton F. took our company donations and distributed relief supplies to emergency camps across Japan. Read and see their travels as they connected with people in a relief mission they will never forget. Read more about 2011 Japan Relief Trip

 2012 Japan Relief Trip

HouseMart continued its aid to the tsunami stricken area of Japan, this time in Rikuzentakata.  Take a look and read about Troy, Bert and Milton’s mission and how in the process of giving back, they received so much more from the community they helped.   Read more about 2012 Japan Relief Trip

2013 Japan Relief Trip

In the third relief trip to Japan, HouseMart was able to bring aloha to the city of Rikuzentakata. See how Milton and his team from Hawaii were able to do a cultural exchange and help in the resident’s healing and rebuilding process. Read more about 2013 Japan Relief Trip

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