HouseMart’s culture stems from its local Hawaiian and family roots.  These cultural values have allowed us to prosper for over 60 years and continue to grow. Our employees are a large part of that success, working hard to maintain fundamental business practices, while also developing exciting new projects and keeping HouseMart competitive in today’s ever changing retail market.  Through it all, our company culture helps foster an environment that allows our people to help us reach our vision and treat all of our customers like part of the family.
Our Brand Promise is to treat every customer like a part of the family, and this starts with the people that work for us. We make sure everyone is safe and taken care of so that they can focus on being successful professionally and for the company.


Working as a family, together we reach our goals and head towards our vision.  We have an open door policy where we encourage communication and make sure that the goals our employees have are clear so they have the best chance of achieving success.


Doing the right thing
Whether it’s in the community or in our stores, we expect all employees at HouseMart to treat every customer like a part of the family. If there is ever doubt about a decision or action a person will take, to look at our mission or core values and act the way they should.  It’s called ethics, or integrity, or just plain ol’ doing the right thing.

We value ideas and creativity.  Being a company founded on the entrepreneurial spirit, we encourage our employees to take their ideas and really see them flourish.  Whether it’s a community fund raiser or a brilliant idea to bring in needed items for the community into the store, all it takes is the energy and creativity of one person to get things going.

Hard work
Hard work and dedication helped keep our start up K. Kamitaki store successful and allowed us to open our very first Ben Franklin Store in 1951. This principle is still alive today.  Read about how our company first got started.


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