Wellness is about your total well being.  Whether it’s being active in the community or being active to stay healthy, HouseMart wants its family to maintain that work life balance that is essential to being successful.

  • Eat Healthy, Get Active – HouseMart’s employees need all the energy they can get to service our customers exceptionally.  Through our Eat Healthy, Get Active; HouseMart wants to make people aware of healthier alternatives to foods and to get active by participating in company sponsored walks and activities.
  • Community Service – It’s such a great feeling to know that you’ve helped make a difference in someone’s life or with the environment.  HouseMart knows how important this is and encourages its family members to go out and make a positive change! Through sponsored events or internal fund raisers, all of HouseMart’s employees have a chance to pay it forward.
  • Vacation/Sick/Floating Holidays – HouseMart offers flexibility in taking paid time off. Whether you are celebrating a special event or holiday, get sick, are chosen for jury duty, or just need to take a day off, our floating holidays and personal leave gives you the freedom to choose when you can take off. Our sick leave gives employees assurance that if they are sick, they can rest and come back ready to go!

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