Being healthy and safe are of the utmost importance for HouseMart.  It just makes it easier for HouseMart family members to focus on providing exceptional service to customers when they know they are being taken care of.
HouseMart is committed to providing high quality and affordable options for our employees. We listen to our employees about the kind of health care they need and research for the best health plan to provide to our employees.
Our vision plan gives you the freedom to choose the vision specialist of your choice!  With a large list of providers, choose the specialist that fits your needs.  If that doctor is not in the network, you are still covered!  Our vision plan also offers special discounts on eye surgery, sunglasses and more!
Take care of your teeth and show us that great smile! Our dental plan is a standard part of our health plan package.  With a wide network of dentists available, you can find the person that will best meet your needs.
Our Allstate Voluntary Insurance plans are offered to help our employees cover for the unexpected.  Whether it’s a big accident or a serious illness, Allstate’s voluntary insurance will help supplement your medical coverage and provide financial support in your time of need.
Our EAP program is a benefit that all of our employees can take advantage of.  If any of our employees need help with personal, psychological, financial, work-life balance, stress, etc., you can give our EAP providers a call and they can set you up with someone to help you back up on your feet.  All sessions are confidential.




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