About Us Serving Local Communities Since 1951

For over 60 years our company started and grew as Maui Varieities Ltd (MVL).  Our original founder, Shikano Kamitaki, began the business as a modest barber shop in Maui.  From there, the family worked hard to expand the business to include their own variety store.  In 1951, second generation owners Tadami Kamitaki and Matsuko Mizoguichi acquired their first Ben Franklin Store.  Since then MVL has flourished, owning over 30 retail franchises in Ace Hardware and Ben Franklin Crafts.

The family business continues to build upon the successes and dreams from the previous generations, and have now become HouseMart.   HouseMart becomes the new generation of community craft and hardware stores.  We wanted to ensure our customers knew that when they shopped in a HouseMart store, they are shopping in a store steeped in family values whose mission and brand promise to treat every customer like a part of the family will be a standard you can always expect.  HouseMart welcomes you to learn about our unique history and culture by clicking on any of the below links.

2810 Paa St. Building A, Honolulu, HI, 96819