Jefferson Elementary Teacher Recognized with the Kupono Award


Waikiki, HI (September 19, 2014) A Jefferson Elementary teacher, known for her passion of culture and science, was given the honor of the Kupono Award. Chasmin Sokoloski was awarded the prestigious Kupono Award, recognizing her efforts in cultivating the Sea-STEM program. The Kupono Award is a joint effort by HouseMart Ben Franklin Crafts, Duke’s Waikiki, the Waikiki Aquarium, Aloha Petroleum, and the Hawaii Science Teachers Association to identify and bring to light the efforts of teachers that have made an impact not only their classroom curriculum, but on their student’s education and growth.  “We were honored to present Mrs. Sokoloski with the Kupono Award,” said Jerome Bautista from HouseMart Ben Franklin Crafts. “Her dedication to the ocean, sustainability and to the sciences has helped pave the way for Sea-STEM to nourish our keiki’s minds.” Mrs. Sokoloski is the second teacher to be awarded the Kupono Award.

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KuponoAwardChasmin (Medium)

(L-R) Garrett Zakahi (Principal, Jefferson Elementary), Jeannie Robinson (Waikiki Aquarium), Addison Arquette (Duke’s Waikiki), Chasmin Sokoloski (Jefferson Elementary), Jerome Bautista (HouseMart Ben Franklin Crafts), George Sanqui (Vice Principal, Jefferson Elementary).


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