Thank you to everyone that helped us share aloha with the people at Rikuzentakata

We had so many people from Hawaii and in Japan that were so patient and provided so much support that this trip would not have been a success without their help. We would like to recognize them.

People from Hawaii that made this trip

Derek Kurisu (Executive V.P. KTA)
Kurt Osaki (Osaki Creative Group)
Kumu Meleana Maunel (Hula Halau Ke ‘Olu Makani O Mauna Loa)
Lindsay (hula dancer)
Emma (hula dancer)
Karly (hula dancer)
Milton Fujii (BFS/Ace Hardware Hawaii Inc.)

People from Japan that went up to Rikuzentakata

Yoshiteru Yamada (DIYNA City)
Keiko Kikuchi (hula dancer)

People who provided us all the support

Hideki Yamane – Economic Development Specialist – State of HI, Dept. of Agriculture
Toyoei Shigeeda – Consul General of Japan
Megumi Otsuka – Consul (Consulate General of Japan)
Yukako Asamura – Economic Affairs Section (Consulate General of Japan)
Winston Lee, Teiji Murayama, Michael Nagato, Janice Yasunaga, Keiko Willis – Japan Airlines
Todd Oda – Higa Meat Company
Big Island Candies
Hawaiian Chip Company (taro chips and kalua pork)
Taro Brands
Hawaiian Sun
KTA Superstores
Dole Pineapples
Hilo Fish (for ahi and tako)
Kulana Foods
LH Gamble (spam)
Crossmark Rainbow Brokerage (Escalon Tomatoes and Trident Salmon)
Webco (Rubbermaid ice coolers)
Suisan Frozen Foods

There was so much prep worked involved as the plan was to prepare a Hawaiian luau for the people at Rikuzentakata. So many of the people mentioned above helped with the documentation/paperwork needed to bring in most of the food. Unfortunately, after completing all the paperwork, we were informed that it would not pass customs. Fortunately, Derek had a Plan B, and contacted people in Japan that would be able to help us. With their help, we were able to have a very successful Hawaiian luau for the people in Rikuzentakata.

On the day of our departure, Japan Airlines was very supportive and helped with all the extra luggage that we brought up; meeting us at curbside and accompanying us through check-in and boarding. We also met up with Kumu Meleana Maunel and her three dancers (Lindsay, Emma, Karly) at the Honolulu airport. We confirmed that our travel plans were aligned, then tried to get some rest and relaxation prior to the very hectic schedule ahead of us.

2810 Paa St. Building A, Honolulu, HI, 96819