Las Vegas Ace Donates Time at Project Homeless Connect


Team Las Vegas Ace at Project Homeless Connect, Southern Nevada

(December 6, 2012) Volunteering for social causes will, many times, open your eyes to what’s affecting the community around you.  When the team representing Las Vegas Ace gave their time to help at Project Homeless Connect, they were able to see just how pervasive homelessness is in their city.

Project Homeless Connect is a large event that focuses on providing a single venue for people in need to gain knowledge of and receive social services, medical and legal assistance from many non-profit organizations.  Chashman Center served as the meeting grounds where thousands in need congregated to receive services in medical, dental, hair cuts, legal counsel, and even free cell phones.  Team Las Vegas Ace was there to help check people in, get them to where they needed to be, and to survey them afterwards to see what could be done to improve.

For some, this opportunity to give back really changed their perspectives.  Jaime P., store manager at Desert Shores Ace, said “It really felt good to know that I helped somebody.  Sometimes we get stuck in our own worlds, but doing this you get to see all aspects of life.  There are people that really need help and it made me think that maybe I can do a little more.  It just took a little bit of my time to do something right.”

Team Las Vegas Ace contributed 50 hours of volunteer time to the Southern Nevada fair.  They participated as part of our project Caring for Communities.  The goal is to make positive change in your community through volunteerism with over half of our employees volunteering over 1,000 hours!   Thank you to team Las Vegas Ace for working hard to support those in need.

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