Creating Holiday Cheer at the Family Programs Hawaii Christmas Party


(December 1, 2012) For many crafters, making something out of nothing is one of the most gratifying things you can do.  It was this kind of feeling that our team from Ben Franklin Crafts (BFC) felt after they set about the task of decorating the entire exhibition hall located at Blaisdell Center for a giant holiday party.

Family Programs Hawaii, the nonprofit organization that works with foster families and children, throws the gala annually for children to experience the holidays they may not have ever experienced before.  Tons of volunteers gathered to help make that experience the best ever.  Team Ben Franklin Crafts were a part of that effort, ensuring the reindeer centerpieces were all placed and prettying up the pillars to give the hall that festive look, that feeling you get at a glance that it’s that time of year.

Kelly N., one of our busy BFC volunteers, was surprised at the amount of volunteers and the impact it has on foster families in Hawaii.  “There were so many volunteers and sponosors. I wasn’t aware of how many foster families there are in Hawaii, but now that I do, I’m glad there is something like this for them,” said Kelly. “I really enjoyed volunteering. Even though it looked overwheliming, everyone had their own part, so it was easier on all of us.”

BFC was able to contribute 9 hours of volunteer time to the event.  The volunteering effort is part of a company-wide volunteerism initiative called Caring for Communities, where employees give back to their local community by volunteering to help the United Way and its partner agencies through giving their time and efforts.  Mahalo to our Ben Franklin Crafts team for being part of something special for foster families and children of Oahu.


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