Team Ace Aims For Sustainable Ag at Lahainaluna High

(November 17, 2012) The Ace team from Lahaina continued their efforts to ensure Lahainaluna High School’s Agriculture program thrives! As part of an initiative to revive the agriculture programs of local high schools around Maui, our Ace Hardware stores have committed to support the educational vision for a sustainable future through high school ag efforts.

Beginning in 2010, the team at Ace in Lahaina went to Lahainaluna’s field once littered with weeds and rock, and with the help of the Lahaina community, have transformed it into a lush landscape of fruit trees, native plants, and even a loi.  With a little elbow grease, the volunteers removed many boulders, repaired sprinklers, prepared the field to plant, and added the TLC the field needed in order to thrive.  Now the field is a few seasons away from bearing a crop of locally grown veggies that could be utilized in local restaurants.

Timmy Yamasaki, lead store manager at Lahaina said, “It has been an amazingly fun process to go through with the kids.  You can see how proud they are of their work on the field and how committed they are towards reaching a sustainable future!”

The team at Ace in Lahaina plan on continuing their efforts and look forward to seeing the kids at Lahainaluna reach their vision.

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