Milton – Day 1


This small community center serves anybody in the area that is still around.

We left Tokyo around 10 am and arrived at Sendai at 12:30 pm.  Met up with Chad Huddleston and Chuck Graftt and headed to Ishinomaki.  Upon arrival at Ishinomaki, we went straight to a dojo, which we will use as our base of operations.  There’s a group of about 20 people here.  They’re from Kyoto, Osaka, Rokko Island and even Nashville, Tenneessee.  Everyone’s staying at the dojo as part of one big, happy ohana.

We got straight to work, sifting through the merchandise that had arrived a couple weeks earlier.   We packed an assortment of goods and went to the area where we’ll be working.  We distributed items to individuals fixing their homes as well as to a small community center.  In this section, the people set up a community building where they bring and share items that others may need.  The person in charge was really appreciative and said the items will be very useful.   He was especially happy with the ladder.  He said four have been taken (stolen or not returned yet) and others need it.  We’ll be delivering a couple more ladders to him today.

Ishinomaki is a larger city than I thought.  I guess the best comparison would be to the tsunami aftermath in Hilo, in that Hilo town and the Waiakea houselots area were destroyed with the rest of the town (city) faring better.

The main goal of everyone here is to help these people get their lives back to normal.  It’ll be an uphill battle, but the people are coping well with reality.  The city has already been cleaned up a bit, as all the roads are clear of debris, orgomi.

– Milton

2810 Paa St. Building A, Honolulu, HI, 96819